Bimetal Bushes

Bimetal bushes are manufactured from Bimetal strips with Sintered Copper-Lead Bronze lining and Steel backing. The steel back provides strength, while the sintered bronze lining provides a bearing surface to reduce friction and wear. Bimetal bushes are widely used for applications with intermediate impacts, vibratory loads and friction.

We provide bimetal bushes with various machining operations and treatments as required by our customers.


  • Material for Back : Mild Steel SAE 1008 / SAE 1010
  • Material for Lining : Sintered copper-lead bronze material of the following grades is used depending on its application:
    • SAE-792
    • SAE-794
    • SAE-49
We provide a wide range of bimetal bushes and bearing covering all applications in following areas:

Bimetal Spring Bushes
Bi-metal bushes used in laminated spring and shackles are subject to impacts, vibratory loads as well as friction. Our bi-metal spring bushes are tough and capable to withstand the loads. Furthermore, grooves and grease retaining dots are embossed to retain lubricating material and thereby reducing wear and providing longer life in rugged environments.
Bimetal Kingpin Bushes
Kingpin bushes require high accuracy manufacturing. We recognize the requirements of its applications and deliver precise products. Our bimetal kingpin bushes are manufactured as per customer specifications and are provided in machined as well as pre-machined sizes as required. We take extra care that these bushes serve the purpose well and provide longer life than normal.
Bimetal bushes for tractors and heavy machinery applications
Bimetal bushes are used extensively in tractors and for heavy machinery for various applications. These are operated in harsh environments, yet they must perform their task without any compromise. We manufacture the bushes according to customer requirements and they are of superior quality to operate in severe environments.
Bimetal bushes for other automotive and engineering applications
In addition to the above, bimetal bushes find their application in gearboxes, brakes, connecting rod, idler gears, steering and many other areas. We develop and manufacture bushes for various applications as per customer requirements and specifications.