Brass Bushes

Brass and Bronze are used as materials for making bushes. Different alloys have different properties of hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc. We identify this and manufacture bushes in various grades according to the application and customer specifications.

Our bushes are made of high quality graded material conforming to international specifications and properties. To adhere to the composition and achieve best properties, we use the right material. Our bronze and brass bushes are made out of virgin metals for alloying, thus drastically minimizing the impurities at the source itself and imparting the best properties to our products.

The bushes are machined and ground to smooth surface finishes achieving excellent bearing properties. With the perfect material and precise manufacturing, our products are manufactured to perform and last long.


  • Brass (especially as per European Grades)
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Leaded Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Manganese Bronze
Our brass and bronze bushes find their application in the following areas:

Brass and Bronze Spring Bushes
Bronze and brass bushes are used extensively in laminated spring eyes and shackles. These bushes have to endure various loads and stresses. Our spring bushes, made of the right material are equipped to endure this very well. We provide these bushes with perfectly designed and machined grooves to retain oil for lubrication.
Brass and Bronze Kingpin Bushes
Because of its application, kingpin bushes require accurate manufacturing and we understand this. Our kingpin bushes are manufactured to high tolerances as required by the customer. We use brass and bronze grades with superior endurance properties to perform perfectly and have a long life.
Brass and Bronze Bushes for tractors and heavy machinery applications
Tractors and heavy machinery also require brass and bronze bushes. These bushes are exposed to extreme conditions. We manufacture bushes according to customer’s specifications and with the correct material and precise machining, our product’s performance surpasses expectation.
Brass and Bronze Bushes for other automotive and engineering applications
Apart from the above, brass and bronze bushes are used in various other automotive and engineering applications such as gearboxes, brakes, trailers, etc. We develop and manufacture these bushes according to customer requirements and specifications.